December 31, 2008


Watching Wilma grow up, I fell in love with her - the way she gently took treats rather than ripping my hand off, her beautiful tail feathers, her lovely face. Now, she has puppies of her own - her second litter, who I hope take after her. In October, I drew this picture of her, and finally decided to scan it, because, well... I hadn't yet.

See - this is the technique I used - adding highlights and lowlights first. She's kind of Technicolor, but it worked out well.

Here's the final Drawing. I took a picture of it, in front of our big window, so I had plenty of light. Isn't she pretty? The last one I drew of her, I'm not too fond of anymore (I've improved A LOT), so I had to draw another. This is based of a photo by Becky Oslund.

December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Well... yeah. It's been a long time, and now that Christmas is over, I have some things to show you guys. These were Christmas presents for people who may have seen them early, so I kept them a secret...

This first one I drew for Kayla Dever (well, it was actually her mom who commisioned me...). It has her five lovely PAWS pups, all together. It was fun to do, and I was certain I would never finish it - that the dogs wouldn't fit. But, it all worked out in the end!

.... Yeah... this was a scanned version, and the paper was 14x17, so I had to piece it together. My scanner isn't that big...

Here it is, matted, on display at my school after my art teacher abducted it in October. Because it went on display, the football coach at my school, Coach Kohn, sought me out to do one for his son for Christmas. I'll try to upload a picture for you...

Here we are. This one is 22x28, and one of the ladies at my church, Gail Palpant, is an artist, and she got a good picture of it for me with her nice camera. The Coach gave me the pictures 3 weeks before Christmas, so I was scrambling to get this done.

Anyway, I'm looking to do another composite one, like these two, for a contest. I can't promise when you would get the image (probably sometime in the summer), but if you would like me to, and wouldn't mind waiting for it, I can do some of your dogs (or other animals)! Email me at: if you are interested.

Thanks for reading, and looking. I hope you enjoyed it!