August 14, 2010

My child

During art class this year, I drew an orphan child from Thailand. I got the picture from an organization that aims to give children portraits of themselves as a way to encourage them. My child's name was "Nong".

This is Nong after he recieved his portrait. I love how his expression is pretty much the same :D.

This is the actual picture I drew, scanned and in better quality.

February 25, 2010

To anyone that still follows this blog

...It's been a long long time. If you are reading this, I am sorry.

Anyway, here's something I did a while ago but was too lazy to put up.
It was a present, I believe, to this couple. This was my first attempt at putting humans or really working with humans much, so I was proud of myself.
Anyway, to anyone reading this, tell me what you think!