September 16, 2008

How to Order

Ok, here we go. I know I don't really have people lined up for custom orders at this point, but if you ever have the urge.... This is how you go about it. It's pretty simple.

Basically, just email me at
(Leah Krichbaum)

We'll talk price from there, depending mostly on the size of what you want done. I'll send it to the address you specify, and you'll send a check to me. I'll email you a scan of the picture before sending it to you, so that you know what to expect.


Kayla said...

Hey Leah! LOVE the blog! About your question, teaching the retrieve wasn't as hard as i thought, at least after he understood the concept. You start with toys at first, and once they are good and consistant with them you slowly transition into other things. It took a while, but once it "clicked" Quincy progressed so quickly. He helped take my socks off yesterday, picked up a coin the first time I asked him.... He is really smart, and loving new challenges. Honestly, I'd say he'd be ready to film in a month. I am hoping to make him a demo dog, for PAWs or for FBI, For Better Independence, an organization that lori Grigg started after PAWS booted her.... I hate to let Quincy's skills go to waste. He is so good with the public, and is learning really quickly. Plus, I'd really like to be able to take him places again! Well, bark to you later :)

Trish said...

To anyone out there, Leah drew a picture of Larkin and did a fantastic job. I haven't seen one picture that wasn't worthy. She also has a calendar coming out for the new year. It is going to be the best. Keep up the great work Leah.