October 01, 2008

In memory of Ike

This is Ike. He spent a solid 11 years working for Erica Stark as a service dog. Today he breathed his last. Keep Erica in your prayers.

The loss of any dog can be difficult. But when you have a service dog, the bond that is shared between the dog and the person is greater than you can imagine. Service dogs do the work of pets, but much more. Not only do they live with this person, but they also go EVERYWHERE with them. They give love and happiness - as well as support and help and independence. Service dogs don't just greet their owner with a cheerful face - they open doors, and pick up remote controls and phones and even dimes with one. They live a life of co-dependence with their owner.

Ike has a successor - in fact, he has been in retirement for the past year. But regardless of how well a job Cooley is able to do (which is amazing), Ike can't be replaced. The bond between Erica and Cooley will continue to grow, but Ike will be missed by them and the others that met him.

Ike lived a full life. 13 1/2 years worth of doing what he was born and raised to do. He was a great dog, and left behind great memories.

Keep Erica in your prayers.

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Cooley said...


what a great tribute to my special boy.....

Thank you.... He is truly missed.