October 04, 2008

This is Grover. He is now a guide dog in Pennsylvania (I think...).

For this one, I used some of the colored pencil techniques I learned recently in Art class. Basically, we did layers - one color at a time, adding them one by one. In the middle, I was certain Grover would end up looking red and blue and purple. Mysteriously, he turned out pretty normal colored. I can't say that he looks that much different than what other drawings I've done where I haven't used that exact technique though...

Also, I wanted a wintry scene, though the picture I used wasn't wintry at all. So I improvised. To be honest, there is a part of me that thinks that maybe I shouldn't have. But I still kind of like how it turned out.

Ok - I won't hold you up reading this forever. But thanks for reading it so far. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed it.


CrazyBunnyLady said...

Nice picture.

Lightning said...

Awesome! Bring it on! I for one would love to see more of your awesome artwork. Don't those black colored pencils just smell the best? LOL