December 31, 2008


Watching Wilma grow up, I fell in love with her - the way she gently took treats rather than ripping my hand off, her beautiful tail feathers, her lovely face. Now, she has puppies of her own - her second litter, who I hope take after her. In October, I drew this picture of her, and finally decided to scan it, because, well... I hadn't yet.

See - this is the technique I used - adding highlights and lowlights first. She's kind of Technicolor, but it worked out well.

Here's the final Drawing. I took a picture of it, in front of our big window, so I had plenty of light. Isn't she pretty? The last one I drew of her, I'm not too fond of anymore (I've improved A LOT), so I had to draw another. This is based of a photo by Becky Oslund.


Laura and Wilma said...

Wow! What a surprise! It's beautiful! Leah, you are amazing! Thank You so much! I love seeing it in progress. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

This Doggy's so pretty. It's exciting! Sorry I haven't been able to check in at all. I finally updated my blog too. I hope you're happy. -Christy Jane

Anonymous said...

Leah!!!!! Add more pictures. I miss all of your art at school. :(