September 08, 2009

What it's all About

Ok, I'm very sorry, I know it has been a while. I have been doing some things over the summer (which you won't get to see today because the majority of them are at church, as I painted a few things for our Vacation Bible School, which was museum themed). But here are some drawings for you to enjoy that I have not yet shown you.

"Looking Forward"

This is Lightning. This isn't a very good image of the drawing (note the uneven lighting). But Anyway, here she is as a puppy trying on a service dog vest. Ultimately, this is what puppy raisers work toward - the day the dog they trained and taught to behave would switch from their "future assistant dog" cape into their "assistant dog" cape. Really, the day you see your puppy in the grown up cape is a very happy day indeed.

"Growing Into My Cape: the Portrait of a Superhero"

Pretty self-explanitory (at least to one who has done it). The stages of puppyhood played out until the dog gets to the point of helping someone else instead of being helped and guided by their raiser. Again, it leads up to that ultimate point where the dog sheds his puppy cape and puts on his helper-dog-superhero cape, as the dog prepares to go help someone be more independant. And though giving the puppy up is always hard, the moment you see that the dog is someone else's superhero, that you have, through all the hard labors, changed a life, it becomes all so much more than worth it in the end. To think God would give me the power to change a life.


Anonymous said...

Leah you're awesome....

...Sometimes. Hahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Leah! i have a new blog! visit me!

Anonymous said...

i just saw crumbcake! that cat drawing is amazing! why didnt u show me that 1?!

Anonymous said...

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