October 29, 2008

Some art for school

Yeah. I know that it's been awhile. Forgive me. I've been busy with school and school related activities. ex - AP english... seems like I've been spending allllll of my free time reading lately. Any - thanks for looking, and enjoy!

I Painted a Pumpkin! It has Horton on it and other characters from Horton Hears a Who. The paint was chipping off before I finished though, and when I took it out to my car, it was raining, and it started dripping on me. Joy!

Also, I drew a Strawberry. There were specific instructions, but I learned a bit about colored pencil. (which, since I've done what seems to be hundred of colored pencil drawings may seem shocking... but it isn't. However, now I must know everything possible about colored pencils. haha. Just Kidding) anyway, doesn't it look yummy?


Lightning said...

The strawberry looks tempting! I love the Horton pumkin too. What a clever idea.

PAWS Karson said...

I would love to take a bite of that strawberry. I love your work (even if you do pick a something other than a dog as the subject).

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah!
I just created a new blog! I'm so excited! It's at


I love your Horton and Dr. Seuss charater pumpkin. Horton's so cute. How is Arwen doing? Has she gotten any bigger? I already miss you!

Christy Jane Ammaguchi

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! The strawberry looks yummy too!

Christy Jane Ammaguchi (again)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you break my heart.
You're so cruel to laugh at me.
Never speak to me again.
I'm crying inside.
Christy Jane